The Best Vegan Protein Powders of 2024 Reviewed Review Essential Starter Kit for Pet Squirrels: Your Go-To Guide

Essential Starter Kit for Pet Squirrels: Your Go-To Guide

Essential Starter Kit for Pet Squirrels: Your Go-To Guide

Are you a new squirrel owner looking⁤ for everything you need to care for your furry friend? Look⁤ no ⁢further! We recently got our hands on the ⁢Exotic Nutrition Starter Package for Squirrels, and we couldn’t ‍be more impressed. This complete starter package includes everything from‌ healthy ​food and nesting material to a sturdy nest box‍ and a hanging water bottle.

The Squirrel Complete diet is packed‌ with all-natural ingredients ‌like tree nuts, vegetables,‌ berries,⁢ and seeds to ensure your squirrel ​gets the nutrition they need for optimal health. And the Squirrel Treat is a tasty blend ⁤of nuts and vegetables that your⁣ squirrel will love.

One of our favorite features of this package is the Nest Box, designed to mimic the natural nesting habits of squirrels in ‍the wild.⁣ The top opens for easy‌ access and cleaning, making it a breeze ‌to care⁣ for your pet.

The inclusion of a stainless steel coop⁣ cup ‍and ⁣hanging water bottle ensures that​ your ‌squirrel has access to fresh‍ food and water at all times. Plus, both are easy to⁣ clean and built to last.

Overall, we highly recommend the Exotic Nutrition Starter Package ⁢for Squirrels ‍to any​ new ⁣squirrel owner. It⁣ has everything you need to provide a comfortable and healthy environment for your⁤ pet. Give it a⁢ try – your squirrel will thank you!

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Looking to ⁢start caring for a pet⁢ squirrel? Look no further than this complete starter⁢ package that has everything‍ you need to get started. ‌With this package, you’ll⁢ receive⁢ Squirrel‌ Complete, a nutritious diet with a blend⁤ of tree nuts, vegetables, berries, ⁤seeds, and ‌squirrel ⁣blocks for added nutrition and⁣ dental ⁤health.⁢ You’ll also get ⁤Squirrel Treat, made with a tasty blend of all-natural nuts and vegetables⁤ like⁤ pistachios, ⁤almonds, dried sweet potato, and more.

The package also includes ​a ‍Sturdy ⁤Nest ⁣Box designed specifically for squirrels, providing them with a ⁣safe and cozy place ⁤to nest. Fill the nest box with the soft Nesting Material ⁢included in⁢ the‌ package, which gives your squirrel a ⁣soft and cozy spot to burrow. Additionally, the package comes with a⁣ Stainless Steel Cup with Holder for food and⁣ water,​ and a Hanging ‍Water Bottle to ensure ​your pet always has fresh and clean water. Get everything you need to care for your⁣ pet squirrel ⁣with this convenient starter package!

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Unpacking the Starter Package

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Upon receiving the​ Exotic Nutrition Starter Package for Squirrels, we ​were thrilled with the assortment of‌ goodies that awaited us inside.⁤ The inclusion of Squirrel‍ Complete and Squirrel⁤ Treat made us​ feel confident that our new‍ furry friend would be receiving a⁢ well-rounded diet. The Nest Box,⁣ with its⁣ easy-access top, provided⁣ a cozy and ​secure⁢ space for our squirrel to nest and relax. We were also impressed ‍with the soft Nesting Material, which allowed our pet to indulge their ‌natural burrowing instincts.

The addition of the Stainless Steel Coop⁤ Cup and Hanging Plastic Water Bottle were practical and durable touches ‌that ‍we appreciated. ⁣The cup’s hanger made ​it easy to attach to our ‌pet’s cage, while the water bottle⁤ kept their water clean and fresh. Overall, the ‍Exotic​ Nutrition Starter Package for Squirrels‍ provided ​everything we needed to kickstart our journey ⁢as squirrel owners. If⁣ you’re looking to give⁤ your squirrel the best care possible, we highly recommend checking out this starter package. Check it out here!

Nesting Material and ​Nest Box

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Upon receiving our Exotic ‌Nutrition‍ Starter Package for Squirrels, we were impressed by the quality and variety of items ‌included. The ⁢Nest Box ‍provided a ‍cozy ‍and safe space for our⁤ squirrel to nest and rest, mimicking the natural habitat of these animals.‍ The top-opening ‍feature made it easy for⁢ us ⁣to clean and check on our ​furry friend, ensuring their comfort and ​well-being.

The Nesting ‌Material was a fluffy and safe option for our squirrel to burrow and nestle in. The short fibers were tangle-free and provided a super-safe sleeping ‌experience. It​ was simple to stuff inside the Nest Box, creating a comfortable environment for our pet.⁢ The package also included a sturdy Stainless Steel Coop Cup and Hanging Plastic ⁣Water Bottle, essential items for feeding and ‌hydration. Overall, we found this⁢ starter package to be comprehensive and convenient, ‌providing ⁢everything needed to care for our squirrel effectively. Interested in giving ​your ⁣squirrel the best care possible? Check out this amazing starter package on Amazon: Get⁢ Yours Here!.

Final Thoughts ‍and Recommendations

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In conclusion, we highly recommend this ‍all-inclusive ‍starter​ package for new‌ squirrel owners. The variety of items ⁢provided, from the healthy ‍squirrel food to the nesting material‍ and water ⁣bottle, make⁤ it easy‌ to provide the best care for your pet squirrel.⁣ The nest box ⁢is a standout ‍feature, designed to mimic natural nesting habits and providing ​a safe and cozy space for your furry friend. Plus, ⁢the stainless steel cup and water bottle are durable and easy to‌ clean, ensuring convenience for you as well.

This package is truly‍ a one-stop solution for all ⁢your squirrel care needs. Whether you’re a first-time squirrel owner or looking to upgrade your ⁣current setup, ⁤this starter package has everything you need to create a comfortable ⁢and enriching environment for your pet. Don’t hesitate to click the link‍ below⁣ to get your hands on this fantastic‌ starter package and⁢ give your squirrel⁣ the best care ⁤possible.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After‍ analyzing the customer reviews for the Exotic Nutrition Starter Package‌ for Squirrels, we noticed a ⁢mix ⁣of positive and negative feedback. Let’s take a ‌closer look at what customers had to say:

Customer Rating Review
1 5 stars This kit has nearly everything. The nesting box is solid ⁤and comes with mounting hardware for cage attachment. Our foster⁢ squirrel, ‘Sciuri’, ‌loves⁢ it,‍ he immediately jumped in‍ and ​starting making his bed with the cotton bedding‌ provided. ⁤He balls it ⁢up first in his mouth and dives back inside the box, its adorable. The food‍ smelled fresh upon opening and he ‍seems to enjoy picking through it and sampling the⁢ variety of ‍new foods, he still gets milk but soon he will be on solids entirely, this ⁤mixture is‍ great for transitioning. He took to ⁣the water ‍bottle ​right​ away, like most rodents, ⁣he just ⁤seemed to get it. ⁣The food ⁤bowl is also solid⁤ and has a​ mounting ring for the cage. The food and accessories are nice but the box​ is really an A+ item if you’re fostering. He seems perfectly healthy, so he’ll ultimately be⁤ going back into the ⁣wild, I⁢ can mount this box high up in my neighboring oak tree when‍ the time comes and ‍it ‍can serve as an apartment for future generations ⁢after Sciuri has moved on. I’ll probably⁣ have to ⁣buy this setup again⁤ in six months or so, considering how many squirrels ⁢live nearby. Extremely​ pleased.
2 4 ​stars Great package⁣ for my squirrels.​ Thrilled with the product. Wasn’t thrilled with the time​ it took to get to me. Wrote ​text. Said I would rather have the​ product​ than a refund. Package was at ⁢my front door 2⁣ days later. Good company, will⁢ purchase from ​again.
3 5 stars I have used these products before so I knew⁤ beforehand what I was getting. I have a pet ⁤squirrel and it is not always​ easy‍ finding quality products.⁣ Thankyou for ⁢carrying this brand!
4 5 stars I feel like the price‍ is very reasonable. My squirrel seems so‍ much happier.‌ Thank you! I’ve ⁤ordered more products from

5 3 stars A great starter ‍kit and good⁣ price. My squirrel just ​ate the box and used the top​ as‌ a bathroom. ⁣She doesn’t like anything in ‍the mix except⁢ for the ‌nuts and everything else does to waist. Too many pumpkin‍ seeds and not enough⁢ walnuts.
6 1 star Talk about traumatic!!‌ My baby squirrel, that I’ve put a lot of time and energy in rehabbing, almost lost its foot, due to the cotton. We⁤ received ​our order, set it up, and it ⁤was only used two nights. My son noticed our baby squirrel trying to get out of the box but his foot was stuck. We realized he had got a piece of the cotton rapped around his ankle area and⁤ in the event of trying to escape it, ​the cotton continued ⁢to wrap itself around until⁢ it had cut the​ circulation off his⁢ foot, it was so swollen, and ‍bleeding tiny wounds from him trying to bite ⁢it⁢ off. I had to get scissors to try and cute it off, thank god⁤ it finally released. This happen​ over⁢ the course of a‍ few hours‍ while ‍I was picking kids‍ up from ​school. My son ‌is the one who noticed something wrong and his foot being stuck. Lots of tears for us​ all and baby cries from our ‌tiny ⁣squirrel, is no fun! We all ‍know rehabbing a squirrel is a lot of work,⁣ and no one wants to lose a baby foot over nesting cotton!!! DO NOT⁣ USE!! And as for‍ the food, he has yet ​to touch ⁣it a thing. Maybe​ in‍ time he will try some.

Overall, it seems that⁢ the Exotic Nutrition Starter Package for Squirrels has been well-received by customers, with positive feedback on the quality of the products and their impact​ on the well-being ⁢of their pet squirrels.‍ However, there⁤ were ‍some concerns raised regarding the packaging, delivery ⁣time, and the suitability of certain items for squirrels. It’s ⁣important to consider these reviews when making a decision to purchase this starter ‌kit for your pet squirrel.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1.⁤ Everything You ‍Need: A ‌complete package with all the‌ essentials to start‍ caring for your pet squirrel.
2. High-Quality Food: Squirrel Complete and Squirrel Treat are made with natural ingredients for ⁣a healthy ​diet.
3. Mimics Natural Environment: The​ nest box⁢ and ⁣nesting material provide ‌a safe and comfortable environment for⁣ your squirrel.
4. Durable Accessories: The‍ stainless steel cup and hanging⁢ water⁤ bottle⁣ are long-lasting and easy to⁣ clean.


1. Limited Color Options: The color of ​the stainless steel⁣ cup with holder may vary, which ⁣could ​be a drawback for some buyers.
2.‍ Large Nest Box: The size ⁢of the nest box may be ⁤too ⁤big for⁤ some living ⁣spaces, so make sure to measure before purchasing.
3. No Personalization: This starter pack does not ⁢allow customization of the items included, so you may ‌need⁣ to​ purchase additional accessories separately.


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Q: What is ⁤included in the Exotic Nutrition Starter Package for Squirrels?

A: The starter package includes everything you need‌ to begin ⁤caring for your pet squirrel. This includes Squirrel Complete, Squirrel Treat, a‌ Sturdy Nest Box, Nesting Material,​ a Stainless ‌Steel‍ Cup with ‍Holder, and a Hanging Water Bottle.

Q: What is Squirrel Complete?

A: Squirrel Complete is an all-natural diet ​made with tree nuts, vegetables,​ berries, seeds, and squirrel blocks for added nutrition and dental health. It’s⁤ the perfect way to ensure your⁢ squirrel is⁢ getting all the essential nutrients they need.

Q: Can you tell us⁤ more about the Nest Box?

A: The Nest Box‌ is designed for squirrels and provides​ a safe and ⁢cozy space for them to nest⁢ in. It mimics the ⁤natural nesting⁤ techniques used by squirrels in the wild ‍and features an easy-access‍ top for‍ cleaning and viewing your pet.

Q: Why is‌ Nesting Material important?

A: Nesting Material provides a soft and safe bedding ⁤for your squirrel to burrow and nest in. Made with tangle-free ⁣short fibers, ⁢it’s the perfect way‌ to ensure ⁢your⁣ pet is comfortable‌ and cozy ⁢in their ⁤new home.

Q: What ‌are the benefits of the⁢ Stainless Steel Coop Cup?

A: The Stainless Steel Coop Cup is a ⁣durable ⁢and rust-resistant​ food ⁤dish⁢ with hanger that is easy to clean and lasts ⁤forever. It’s the ‍perfect‍ way to ensure your squirrel has a clean and secure feeding area.

Q: Why ⁣is⁤ the⁢ Hanging Plastic Water Bottle included in ⁤the starter package?

A: The Hanging Plastic Water Bottle keeps water fresh and clean for your squirrel, while the⁣ stainless⁣ steel drinking tube⁢ and cap⁢ are perfect‌ for chewing ​animals like squirrels. ​It’s a convenient and hygienic⁣ way to ‍ensure your⁢ pet has access to fresh water at all times.

Reveal the Extraordinary

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As‌ we come to the end of our essential guide ⁣for new squirrel ​owners, we hope that you now ​feel equipped and⁣ excited to care for your furry friend with the Exotic Nutrition Starter⁢ Package ⁣for Squirrels. This complete kit has everything you need ‍to provide a safe and comfortable ⁣environment for your pet squirrel, from nutritious food to ⁢cozy bedding.

If you’re ready to ⁣get started on this exciting journey, click here to purchase your very own Starter Package for Squirrels‍ on ‍Amazon and give your squirrel the best care possible: Buy ​now!

Thank you for joining us on this​ adventure of pet​ squirrel ownership. Here’s to many happy memories with your new squirrel companion!

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